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Welcome! You're Invited!

Join us for the biggest Sunrider event of the year. The 2019 Grand Convention kicks-off in Los Angeles with tours of World Headquarters and the LA Plant to see how the world’s healthiest products are made. You can also enjoy our latest products and a lively atmosphere at our Product Experience Arena.

Next, we’re off to the Flamingo Hotel, in heart of Las Vegas, in the center of the action, for three unforgettable days of discovery, celebration, fun, inspiration, and excitement. We’ve created an amazing program unlike anything we’ve ever done before. All for you!

Make sure to register today!

Dear Sunriders,

Can you believe that it’s time to think about that wonderful event beginning in September with our Sunriders from around the world? The days and months have really flown by, and we are so excited to share with you the many new movements and initiatives that we have in place that will Inspire you to Love, Inspire you to Share, and Inspire you and your teams to Grow. #lovesharegrow.

It feels like we’re at the beginning of a new adventure, a time when all of us are continuing to learn and stretching our limits, and we hope that you will join us in Las Vegas this year to dream big, share your story, and grow into your best self. To begin this journey, we invite you to tour our state of the art Los Angeles Manufacturing Plant (LAP) in California on Friday, September 20 where you can see first-hand how the magic happens to develop and create our amazing products. You’ll also get a chance to visit our world class Chen Art Gallery at Sunrider’s Headquarters (HQ). So mark your calendars to arrive in Los Angeles by Thursday, September 19 (tours start bright and early on Sept. 20!) to get an up close view of Sunrider’s LAP, HQ, and to partake in our fun and delicious Product Experience Arena. After a visit to our amazing facilities, hopefully you’ll take advantage of touring Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon with your fellow Sunriders (tours TBA), then head to sunny Las Vegas for three days of fun and exciting adventures.

There are so many reasons why we hope that you, your family, and friends will join us from September 23-25 for our Grand Convention in Las Vegas. We will have two different General Sessions with two amazing Guest Speakers: Dan Ralphs and Kindra Hall. Look up their TED Talks on Youtube, and you’ll see why the General Sessions cannot be missed. You’ll also be able to personally sample and experience our new products in our Product Demo Experience, learn our new marketing initiatives, get hands-on with our Training Sessions, hear from our amazing leaders and managers, and enjoy some wonderful special events that we have planned for you. Keep your email alerts set and eyes on the lookout for our Convention incentives and exciting special events happening in Las Vegas this year.

So please register now and reserve your spot! See the Registration Information page for more details. I truly hope you join us in September in beautiful Los Angeles, California and sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Come celebrate another year of innovation, success, and inspiration with Sunrider!

We hope to see you all there!

With love and excitement,

Sunny Beutler

Vice President of Operations

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